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Cancellations Continued

CANCELLATION upon death or disability: The buyer may cancel this agreement if the buyer dies or becomes physically unable to avail himself or herself of a substantial portion of those services which he or she used from the commencement of the agreement until the time of disability, with refund of funds paid or accepted in payment of the agreement in an amount computed by dividing the agreement price by the number of weeks in the agreement term and multiplying the result by the number of weeks remaining in the agreement term. The buyer or the buyer's estate seeking relief under this paragraph shall provide proof of disability or death. A physical disability sufficient to warrant cancellation of the agreement by the buyer shall be established if the buyer furnishes to the health studio a certification of such disability by a physician licensed under Maryland’s Law to the extent the diagnosis or treatment of the disability is within the physician's scope of practice. A refund shall be issued within 30 days after receipt of the notice of cancellation made pursuant to this paragraph.   Other Cancellation Provisions: If this location goes out of business, or moves its facilities more than 10 driving miles from the business location designated in such agreement and fails to provide, within 30 days, a facility of equal quality located within 10 driving miles of the business location designated in such agreement at no additional cost to the buyer, you may cancel this agreement and receive a complete refund of all dues paid for future services within 30 days after receipt of the notice of cancellation. Notice of intent to cancel by the buyer shall be given in writing to the health studio. Such a notice of cancellation from the consumer shall also terminate automatically the consumer's obligation to any entity to whom the health studio has subrogated or assigned the consumer's agreement. The business location of a health studio shall not be deemed out of business when temporarily closed for repair and renovation of the premises: Upon sale, for not more than 14 consecutive days; or during ownership, for not more than 7 consecutive days and not more than two periods of 7 consecutive days in any calendar year. Any notice of intent to cancel or termination by client under any provision of this agreement must be delivered via mail to 6001 66th Ave #102, Riverdale, MD 20737. Your agreement will not be considered cancelled until you receive an official cancellation notice from us.


TERMINATION for Cause by My Body Shop (Company): Company may, at its option, terminate your agreement if: you fail to make timely payments under any payment plan, any monthly payments or dues are late, the monthly EFT/RCC payments or dues are interrupted or discontinued for any reason and you or your cosigner do not provide an acceptable alternative, you fail to follow any of Company membership policies or club rules or violate any part of this agreement, or your conduct is improper or harmful to the best interest of Company or its members. Termination is effective on the date Company mails a written notice to your last known address. You are liable for all financial obligations until that date.


TERMNATION Without Cause by COMPANY: Company reserves the right to terminate your membership for any reason not stated above and not prohibited by law. If Company does so, it will mail a written termination notice to your last known address and refund any unused prepaid dues.  Early Termination Fee: You may cancel this agreement before the agreed upon term has been reached by paying 1/2 of the remaining balance left on the agreement. For example, if you are 2 months in to a 12 month agreement (10 months left), your termination fee would be the equivalent of 5 months x the agreed upon monthly rate. 

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